I’ve always been a person with a penchant for curiosity.

It’s likely why I began my career as a journalist covering nearly every conceivable beat at a variety of publications. However, with curiosity comes knowledge. It has allowed me to gain a wide breadth of expertise in many facets of communications where my skillset can execute on nearly any deliverable.

Over 14 years in marketing, communications, and creative.

Since 2017, I have been shaping how CREB® and its membership are perceived with the media and the general public. Deliverables such as a weekly newspaper, forecast reports, monthly statistics releases, member relations, website management and media issues management all fall within my purview.

Not just a one trick pony.

Whether it’s in a written or visual format, my career has centred around my passion for crafting the right message in the most effective channels. The ideal result is a memorable brand experience for an organizations’ identified audiences.